A Slave to My Society

Posted by jen / on 04/26/2012 / 0 Comments

A SLAVE TO MY SOCIETY by Jennifer wierschke When i was growing up, I was told that i was very lucky to be an American. That i lived in a free country where I could speak my mind and become anything i wanted to be. that i lived in democratic nation which meant that i had a say in what my government did. With that in mind, i should stand for the pledge of allegiance and be proud to be free. As I got older, I slowly began to realize how little freedom i actually had. This notion that we live in a democracy is not necessarily true. It would be more accurate to say that we live in a republic. The people did not vote for war in Iraq, or the bailouts, or the Patriot Act, etc. What the we get to vote for are representatives who vote on our behalves, but what they vote for once they are in office is completely out of our hands. The idea of having someone who does not even know I exist and has nothing in common with me represent me in the political arena is absolutely absurd. How can I trust some super rich person to to represent someone like me, who grew up in poverty? If they had to walk one day in my shoes their outlook on life would completely different. Why do I have to have someone represent me as opposed to me representing myself? Am i not capable of making my own decisions? In reality, they do not represent me at all. They represent those who contribute the most to their campaign funds, rich people and huge corporations. It's really sad how we've allowed capitalism coupled with the monetary system itself to put everything up for sale, even our government. Corporations do not hold any political beliefs or values. They have only one belief; profit above all else. They use their mountains of cash to put representatives that will vote in their favor, instead of the peoples favor, into office. Even if this was not true, I still would not be free. A democracy is the ruling of the majority over the minority, and the majority is not always right. If I disagree with the decision of the majority, I am forced to go along with it anyway. For example, if I put a substance that the majority has criminalized, such as marijuana, into my body, I could be forced to live in a cage for a period of time. In this respect, I do not even have the freedom to decide what I can do with my own body, regardless of the fact that it would harm no one. Society decides for me, and unless I have a lot of time and money, I am not permitted to leave that society to a different one that would better suite my beliefs and Ideas. Nor am I allowed to set up a different society with a different form of government with like minded people at my current location. It is as if the minute i came out of my mothers womb, I was given a name, a number, and a pair of shackles around my ankles. Why do we do things this way? Why do nations own their citizens like property? Until We live in a world with out stratification, a world where adhering to government policy is completely voluntary, a world where I can make my own choices and represent myself, I will always be a slave to society.


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