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10am - 5pm PST Saturday, March 12 2011
Bear Valley & Apple Valley rd.
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Jason on Mar 07, 2011

Address : Bear Valley & Apple Valley rd.
Postal Code : 92308
Town : Apple Valley

Phone : 1.760.953.0973 (Paul)
Web Site : http://www.zdayglobal.org/

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I will be holding an event here in Apple Valley, CA. People from all different groups will be joining (Peace people, Zeitgeisters, Free Hugs, Etc). I felt that an open invitation would be ideal!. :D

I will have Zeitgeist fliers & dvds to pass out & water bottles!.

People may bring food, drinks, signs to hold, music (or musical instruments) for entertainment and/or materials to help spread awareness!.

This is an outdoor public event with Street Activism (Artivism) in order to spread awareness to the public.

Signs advocating peace instead of war, knowledge, awareness, the zeitgeist movement, Love, thinking, creativity, the venus project, technology, nature, a resource-based economy & music are appreciated & expectable! You may make your own signs at home or onsite!. Bringing supplies will help others be creative in spreading awareness, as well!. For any further questions, feel free to contact me @ 1.760.953.0973 or Paulcarnage@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/paulcarnage

Z-Day dates: March 12th & 13th from 10am-5pm

I'm also a Photographer so, I will be taking photos!!. :D

thank you!

Paul Carnage



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